Automating Your Business – Posting to Instagram To Increase Traffic

Categories: Automation | Posted on Oct 17, 2017

Following on from yesterday, I think you could create a software with both Sikuli or Ubot Studio to automate posting to Instagram BUT Instagram isn’t a normal website. You can’t post an aimge via the website, you need to post via an app or via their API.  But, there is another option.

Traffic Trapper

A new WordPress plugin will automate posting to Instagram and even pull in the images for you. This is the idea behind Traffic Trapper. It works on autopilot and posts images with backlinks to your website. The product has got rave reviews. We’ve bought it for our business both for our sites and the added benefit was that as it came with a Developer License which means we can use it  for offline business clients too. So, all-in-all, an excellent investment especially if you sell services to local businesses because you can charge recurring fees for this service and it takes you a few minutes to set up.