Will this work on a Mac?
The software is Windows OS however it will work on a Mac using Windows parallels. However, we can’t offer any support for Mac OS.

How many sites can I build with this software?
You can build UNLIMITED sites!

Can I flip the site that I build with this software?
YES! Every site you build if yours to do with as you please!

Is this newbie friendly?
Yes! It is very simple software. Just fill in the blanks. Then insert your images into the folders and upload everything to your web server using your favourite FTP program.

Why do you add images to the images folder AFTER the site is built?
Adding images after the site has been built is much quicker than inserting images one at a time within the software. You can literally overwrite images in a matter of seconds this way.

Do you have video tutorials?
The software is very easy – literally fill in the blanks easy! But, we have over-the-shoulder video tutorials on specific things that some newbies may have need clarification – e.g. inserting images and videos, opening the software, building foreign language sites…if there is something you’d like us to cover, just PM me.

Can I use images in the OTO for other projects?
Yes. Images in the OTO are Royalty-Free – yes. Use them with whatever you want.

What are the system requirements?
System requirements – Windows XP or above. Takes up very little space (5mb)

My antivirus software has pulled up a possible virus/malware. What should I do?
Some anti-virus programs pull up ‘false-positives’ for new software titles that do not have a long track record. There is NO malware in WEB 3.0 Site Builder. if your anti-virus software does pull up a false-positive – either disable the AV software while you install WEB 3.0 Site Builder or change the settings in your AV software to permit installation.

When I use foreign characters in my content, they don’t show properly
This is an issue with ALL html pages – when using foreign characters in standard HTML pages. However, when building a WEB 3.0 site, you can make it easy by inserting the correct language settings. (please see Foreign Language Sites for more information).

If you still have issues with special characters – you should use unicode – to convert your language to unicode – you can use this FREE online tool:


HTML character codes – please click here to view html codes for foreign language letters and special characters.

Can I build sites with right to left languages (e.g. Arabic and Hebrew)?
Yes! We have added support for ‘right-to-left’ languages. The software now asks you if you want to build a right-to-left language web site. You will need to insert unicode – please see the previous asnwer for details.

Are future updates included?
Yes – future updates are free – make sure to register though because the software doesn’t auto-update.

I didn’t get the Bonus videos when I purchased the WEB 3.0 Video Site Builder?
The files took a while to upload but they’re all there on the download page to be downloaded now.

The video edition sites don’t display the background video on my mobile?
The HTML5 code background video will not display on some mobile devices and older browsers. Therefore, when creating a WEB 3.0 site with the video background edition of the software, you can insert mobile redirect code before the </head> tag and redirect mobile users to the standard WEB 3.0 site. We will update the VIDEO edition software in the next 24-48 hours so that it does this for you.

The video edition site I built takes a while to load. Can i make it load faster?
The speed in which a background video loads is mainly related to:
i. The size of the video file – we recommend keep videos to 20-30 seconds. The video is on a loop so that should be plenty.
ii. The server on which the videos are hosted. If you use dropbox as mentioned in the manual, only use relatively small video files. Better to use Amazon S3 which is cheap but servers are much faster. If you have your own server, you could use that but it should be a good spec NOT a cheap shared server.
iii. speed of your site visitors’ internet access – not much you can do about that but most people in Western countries have sufficient internet speeds AND mobile devices will be redirected to a fast loading static image WEB 3.0 site.

The contact form doesn’t work?
The contact form works through a php script. It will ONLY work on your web server NOT on your PC. Your web server MUST have PHP functionality. Most do but check with your hosting comapny if you’re not sure.