Find Replace

TheUltimate Find & Replace Software!
Find and replace multiple words or phrases in multiple files in single click!
Find Replace Software
Change text in multple files with one click!
Change multiple words or phrases with a single click!
Spynax option (PRO version)!
Essential tool for writers and editors!
Rebrand PLR materials in seconds!
Works with text and html files


Why Find Replace?
Why Find Replace? In a word …it’s the smart way to to work. If you can do work that would otherwise take you hours with a single click, why wouldn’t you?

Easy to use

No technical skills needed. Just select the file or folder containing your files and click a button!

Save time

Can save hours and hours of your time. No more manually changing text one keyword or phrase at a time!

Repurpose PLR in minutes!

Rebrand and repurpose PLR material has never been quicker or easier. Change everything without opening up a file!

Have a coffee!

Instead of spending hours changing text, let Find Replace do it for you and have a coffee break?
This is Windows Software !
FIND REPLACE Software works on Windows computers.

Installs in seconds
Find Replace installs in seconds on any Wiondows computer. You will need .Net Framework 4 and above but this tends to come as standard with most Windows computers. The software may also work on Macs using a Windows emulator.
That’s Cool… But What Else Can Find Replace Do?
The PRO version includes ‘spyntax’ options to ‘spin’ text by replacing words or phrases with a one chosen at random from a number of alternatives.


With FIND REPLACE you can edit UNLIMITED files in a single click
Find Replace - Changing Multiple files
Watch how FIND REPLACE changes multiple words or phrases in mutliple files with a single click!
Step 1: select the file containing the words or phrases and the folder containing the text or html files.
Step 2: Click a button!
The software comes with a 30 day no-quibble money-back guarantee. That means if you’re not completely delighted with FIND REPLACE software, all you need to do is open a ticket on our support desk supplying your payment details and we’ll issue a full and courteous refund.

Get FIND REPLACE software now for just $7 $1
As a valued subscriber, you can secure your Copy of FIND REPLACE now for just one dollar! You will also have the opportunity to upgrade to FIND REPLACE PRO (which includes spyntax options) for less than $10!
Includes License to use on 2 computers!
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Norton is reporting malware, WTF!?

Norton and other antivirus programmes give a false-positive to all new software products from small companies simply because they are new and untested. Rest assured that our software is free of any malware.

My text editor includes a find and replace option. Why do I need FIND REPLACE?

FIND REPLACE can handle multiple words or phrases in multiple files – something no text edtior or software we have seen can do! And – in the PRO version, you can also add spyntax options.

I have a MAC. Will FIND REPLACE work on it?

FIND REPLACE has been developed for Windows. That said, it can run on Mac’s using a Window’s emulator. We can’t offer support on Mac’s but feel free to try and, if you have problems, just request a refund.

Can FIND REPLACE work with HTML files?

Yes. FIND REPLACE currently works with all text and html files.
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