Learn from my rookie mistake

Categories: Online Marketing | Posted on Dec 8, 2017

Yesterday, I made a rookie mistake which caused my email marketing account to be suspended. What was the mistake? I included a link to a product in Warrior Plus. Email marketing systems don’t play well with affiliate marketplaces. I woke up to discover my account had been suspended. Not good at the time.

But, it wasn’t a disaster it could have been. Far from it. It turned out to be the best thing to have happened. I had backed up all of my lists and  simply uploaded them to a new, cheaper and much better platform. One that is far better, easier to use, has more intelligent list filtering, and – incredibly – if your list is less than 1,000, it comes at no cost. Seriously – zip, nada, not a cent!

What is it? MailerLite.

I’ve never plugged a mailing platform before, but this is worth a shout, especially as you can get an account for nothing.

For years, I’ve been using a variety of email marketing platforms but, after a long conversation with a colleague and friend, I was persuaded to try out MailerLite

Not only is it cheaper than the last mailing platform I was using but it has advanced automation and filters, and you can do some very clever stuff with it. I’ll be showing some of the things I’ll be doing over the coming weeks. However, for now, if you haven’t tried it, head over through this link to set up an account – remember there’s no cost if your list is under 1,000 and if you have a big ger list, it still represents incredible value. It is literally a fraction of the price of other platforms. And,  MailerLite comes with all the bells and whistles!

It comes with loads of integrations and is easily as good as email marketing platforms that cost 5-6 times the cost! Even if you want to stick with your current service, my advice would be to set up a complimentary account on MailerLite so that, in the event that you have to switch, you’ll be ready to go without any delays. plus, you could use it as a backup. What will probably happen is that, once you start using MailerLite, you’ll want to use it as your main email service.



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