Licence keys

Categories: knowledgebase, troubleshooting | Posted on May 9, 2014

The licence keys were changed with the update on 9th May. You should have received an email with your new licence key (receipt no.).

This may be in your spam folder. If you cannot find it, you can request a new key here-
WEB 3.0 standard =
WEB 3.0 Video =


  1. 5-10-2014

    I didn’t receive my new Lience key etc?.
    Also , I cannot get your product to work on my mac etc?.
    Ta Criss

    • 5-11-2014

      Hi Criss – please see – for licence keys for the new software. If the new installer won’t work on your MAc, pleae open a support ticket and we can send through the old installer for you.

  2. 5-12-2014

    After a lot of tries and no answers we have to guess that the Receitp No. received in the email after download is actualy the license key…
    Wow it works!!! License Key is Receipt No. !!!

    • 5-23-2014

      Hi Antonio. Sorry for the confusion. We used the default message for the licensing software and you’re right, it was a bit confusing. We’ve changed it now.
      best regards,