Offline Video Pack 2

Are You Ready to Cash in on the Local Video Marketing Craze But Don’t Want to Pay Thousands to a “Video Guru” or Spend Hours in Front of Your Computer Editing Videos?
Easily Rake in $497-$1,997 Per Client
With These Done For You Offline Videos
Why Video Mega Packs:
Instantly Re-Brand for Your Business!
Videos Give You Instant Credibility!
Sell to Clients For $497-$1,997!
Use to Rank Local Businesses
Original Powerpoints AND background music included!
UK & USA versions!
Why Local Business Video Packs ?
This Local Business Video pack will help you grow your business and make more money in less time!

I know you’re busy, so I’ll get straight to the point. . .

You and I both know how hot video is right now. We’re both marketers here and I don’t think I need to sell you on that.

It ranks fast, people love to watch it, it makes businesses look professional, and it just plain gets results. We love it and so do local business owners.

But, there’s just one big problem here. . .

It takes a lot of work and costs a lot of money to create professional looking videos that actually get results. I’m talking videos that clients will gladly pay you $500-$2,000 or more for.

Sure, anyone can slap a few images together, overlay a few words of text, add some background music, string it together and call it a “video”.

But those videos do nothing when it comes to making sales and they certainly won’t impress your clients.
I’m Talking About the Kind of Videos that…

Grab Attention, Educate the Viewer and Make Things Happen
Whether that be to make a sale, get an email, whatever… it’s all the same idea.

So, if you want to offer video marketing as a service and get clients who will gladly pay you big bucks for your videos, you have 2 choices…
Spend hundreds of dollars on fancy software and spend countless hours behind the computer learning how to do it all yourself. Or…
Pay some “video gooroo” hundreds to thousands of dollars to create them for you.
Either way you look at it, there’s gonna be a huge investment needed from you, in the form of either MONEY or TIME.

These outstanding videos were created by a specialist at professional responsive video creation whose rates start at $497 for a simple 60 second video and go up to $1,997 or even more for more complex videos.
Today You Can Pick The Videos Up for a few dollars AND rebrand and sell them to YOUR clients!
Both Sets Come With Full Developer Rights

Hair Salon
This video is perfect to promote your client’s Hair Salon services.

Running Time: 01:36 | Total Value: $497

Cosmetic Dentistry
This video is perfect to promote your client’s Cosmetic Dentistry services.

Running Time: 01:26 | Total Value: $497

Restorative Dentistry
This video is perfect to promote your client’s Restorative Dentistry services.

Running Time: 01:14 | Total Value: $497

Pizza Restaurant
This video is perfect to promote your client’s Pizza Restaurant.

Running Time: 01:14 | Total Value: $497

Plumbing Services
This video is perfect to promote your client’s Plumbing services.

Running Time: 01:26 | Total Value: $497

What You Get…
In each pack you get the re-brandable Professional HD videos PLUS the original Powerpoint presentations AND the background music so you can easily edit them (if you want to).

Professionally Created

Done for you & completely rebrandable videos rendered to mobile & web friendly .MP4 files.

With Editable Slides

Original Powerpoint slides included for easy customization of text and animations.

Professional Voiceovers

Professional voiceovers in .MP3 format in BOTH USA & UK versions

Background Music Tracks

Original source files for all background music in .MP3 format.
Video Pack Samples!
Click the videos below to see the quality of the Video Mega Packs
Get FULL Developer rights to rebrand & resell ALL 5 Videos In The Local Business Video Pack 1 TODAY for just $47 $9
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How many times may I use these videos?

As many as you want! Literally, you can use a single video over and over again for clients in the related niche!

How can I rebrand them?

Easy. use any video editor to add your logo. Or, with the original Powerpoint slides, you can change anything and re-output the video!

Are the background MP3 files included?

Yes! You get full rights to the background MP3 files too!
(RRP $37 ea)

How much can I sell a video for?

These videos have sold for $497+ but you can set your own prices! or use them to sweeten a bigger deal!
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