Push Notifications WITHOUT Apps

Categories: Online Marketing, Special Offers, Updates | Posted on Mar 3, 2016

Imagine being able to send Push Notifications direct to a customer’s internet device WITHOUT publishing an app? I mean messages that ping right on your customers’ device just like Push Notifications!

This is awesome! You will LOVE it for your own business and this is another service you’ll be able to set up for clients too!

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Now only today I received an email from someone offering this EXACT same service for $97 per account PLUS they charge credits for every message sent!
The method that the course I found costs a fraction of that AND will enable you to set up this service for UNLIMITED businesses and includes UNLIMITED messages – with this method the cost is nothing! Zero, zip, nada! UNLIMITED messages!

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What I really like is the simplicity of it. This is a really great course taking you step-by-step into setting the system up.
This is a great service that will help any business because it allows them to instantly connect with their customers. And…

It works ANYWHERE in the world! ANY language!

This new system means that even if a business owner doesn’t have the budget for a native mobile app, you can still offer them the benefits of Push Notifications WITHOUT having to have a native app. You can even set it up on your own site and demo it for them!

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Of course, the ideal solution would be for a business owner to have a native app (iPhone, iPad and Android) with Push Notifications through their app. If you are interested in building mobile apps – take a look at bottom of this email which contains a link to a short video which explains the difference between the various types of app platforms:

That all said, you could this new approach to Push Notifications WITHOUT Apps as a door-opener. Everyone knows that emails are becoming obsolete for marketing because open rates are so small. Push Notifications have a 99% open rate within 10 minutes! And this new system is a way that business owners can send UNLIMITED messages to their customers. You can charge a set-up service and you could also manage it for them and charge a monthly fee.

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