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Did you know that over 90% of customers that buy products NEVER use them? Many never even open the product! They buy them just in case they might use them in the future.  So, how do you know which products to buy?

I’ve learnt the hard way that you should ALWAYS think carefully if you will actually use it or will be likely to use it. However, there are plenty of times when I’ve been glad to have purchased a product because the pre-launch deal or early-bird special was withdrawn and then the product was either a LOT more expensive or, in some cases, it wasn’t available at all.

To help you out, I have set out below a list of some of the best products I have bought myself and I still use them regularly in my business. I think you will too.

Notice: Some of the links are affiliate links which means I will be paid a commission if you decide to purchase any of them. However, these are genuinely recommendations. I purchased all of these products myself and I still use them in my business. Also, I have made sure that the links all go through to the best deals available. Most come with 30 day money-back guarantees but check out the sales pages.


Smart Hosts
These guys have excellent customer service. Fast response is essential in this game! I host all of my sites with them on their unbeatable VPS deal.
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VideoMaker FX
Create animated videos. Really easy to use. Produces great videos with music (or add narration). I use this for most sales pages.

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Easy Sketch Pro
Produced sketch videos. Again super easy to use. I use this less than VideoMakerFX but where I need something extra special, this is fantastic. I have done some great family videos with this too 😉

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Create powerpoint-type videos. Adding narration is super easy too. Check it out if you create instructional videos or OTO/Upsell videos

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Outstanding for instructional videos showing the computer screen and how to use a product/service. Nothing comes close to this! But, it is not cheap.

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Forget Photoshop! This is cloud-based a again so easy to use. Produces all your images – Facebook, Kindle, Youtube, business cards, leaflets…this is something we use EVERY day!
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E-Cover Authority

Create stunning ecovers – 3D boxes, Kindle covers, images on iPads , iPhones, Android devices… if you create products or books, this is a must-have.
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Build ANY type of page on WordPress regardless of the theme you’re using. Great for sales pages, webinar, optin, training, testimonials…it does it all!
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Web 3.0 Site Builder
This is a software I built to produce quick, dynamic 3.0 websites. Building a site is as simple as filling in the blanks. The software has already been updated over 20 times and is now cloud-based so you can build sites from any internet connected device. Very quick and easy to use. Clients love these sites, and we love them because they are so easy to build and – unlike WordPress – there’s nothing to do to maintain them.
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This is a platform I own. I had this developed for clients who just want brochure websites rather than CMS/wordpress sites. The sites are mobile-responsive, and it is both super easy and super fast to create dynamic websites.

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Another platform I own. I use this to build mobile web apps – for clients who don’t have mobile websites or a mobile app. Really easy to use. Very quick to build sites for clients and comes with ability to use your own domain so users do not see appboxstudio.

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Yet another platform I own. This is a native mobile app builder. Apps are huge and this is one of the most established app builders available. A white label of Seattleclouds and with added bells and whistles including white label push notifications!

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Sneaky tool that allows you to put your adverts on top of ANY web page. Very useful when promoting anything on social media because the link goes to a third party page but your advert can pop up on top of it! Check this one out, for sure!
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Great new tool! Handles all of your Facebook posting to pages and groups! Very cool! We’re doing more and more on Facebook and this helps automate the posts.
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Social Mobi Surveys
Create stunning surveys on social media. Brilliantly simple to use. Surveys engage people and increase response rates. We’ve used this for clients who want to run promotions based upon feedback. The surveys look superb.

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Video Autopost
Autopost videos on Facebook. You won’t need this if you have Octosuite. I bought it earlier this year but still use it.
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Not so great for live webinars as it works through Google Hangouts BUT it is absolutely brilliant for recorded ones because of the fusionbot.
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Resell Rights Weekly
Products to resell or rebrand even and sell as your own. I have the Gold membership and it pays me many times over! I use this to find products that i can rebrand and either sell or giveaway. There’s some great stuff in there if you dig around!
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Okay! That’s about it for now…to keep updated on the latest products re-visit this page regularly or look out for members-only emails!