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As promised in last week’s newsletter, you can get a mobile website for your business at zero cost – no strings – completely with our compliments here >>>

Why free? Well, you’re a subscriber and you deserve some perks. But, this way, you get to trial and use the system without charge for your own business and you may want to upgrade for some of the premium features in the future. Plus, of course, you may want to become an App Box Studio Developer and build an offline business. Anyway, it costs you nothing and so you might as well grab it while it’s available. Please note that the offer will close later this week so, even if you don’t have the ten minutes it takes to build your mobile site today, you will be able to log in and do it at a later date.

Now to the exciting stuff… the automation software I’ve been mentioning in my previous emails.

What is the software and what does it do?

As you know, in my business I build in-house tools to automate as much as possible. In 2004 I employed 17 full-time staff and decided to rationalise our operations by outsourcing everything so I could take my family out to live in Spain. That worked fine for years. I used outsourcers in the UK (mainly a call centre and a warehouse) and I went to the Philippines and India for manual help working on content and files. The rates were cheap but the whole process was often frustrating. I guess you get what you pay for, right?

In business, you can leverage off of people (employees), capital (money) and technology. Having taught myself basic HTML and PHP coding, I set about trying to create tools to automate my work. Not only did I save money that I was paying outsourcers, but I could get the work done instantly…with a few clicks!

So, today I am going to start to release some of the tools I built for myself. I should stress that these are built for Windows so – sorry to all the Macheads. (Although, if you do have a Mac, you should be able to our tools using a Windows emulator.)

If you want to be able to handle common tasks that would otherwise take hours of manual labour with a single click, if you want to create systems to run your business smoothly and efficiently, giving you more time for yourself and your family, these tools are for you….

An example… I developed an advanced Find & Replace tool. Yes, I know most text editors come with a find and replace function BUT you still have to go through each find/replace option one by one. However, my software goes through entire folders and makes MULTIPLE edits in MULTIPLE files. This is a huge time saver when editing any text. Imagine editing hundreds of text files in a folder with one click! It all happens with just three simple steps…
1. Select a folder that has all of the files to be edited.
2. Select a file containing the find and replace words
3. Click a button!

It doesn’t get much easier than that! Right?

But wait until you see the super-fast image and video creation/editing software we developed! These will blow your mind!

Imagine creating hundreds of memes, gifs, and promotional videos perfectly sized for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with a single click!

We even created our own stop-motion video creator so before you buy the latest stop-motion video software, wait and see what we’ve got for you! Our software will take any image files or any video and turn it into a stop motion video!

So when can you get your hands on all of this? I’ll be doing a video later today of the Find Replace software and, as soon as that is done, we’ll get it uploaded and I’ll send out an email with details.

The other tools will follow – and remember, as a subscriber – you’ll have access to complimentary tools as well as subscriber-only pre-launch offers!

In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out the current exclusive offers – visit:

as they’re all changing soon.

Have a great day!


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