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Viral PDF Brander is an amazing new breakthrough service that lets you offer rebrandable PDF’s to your affiliates without installing complicated scripts, messing with software or doing anything technical!

In fact I GUARANTEE this is the quickest, easiest way to create brandable PDF’s – it’s like magic!

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This is a powerful MUST-HAVE tool for any affiliate or product creator!
It enables you to create a free PDF document that is so VALUABLE that people will fight hand over fist to share YOUR marketing message about YOUR product with EVERYONE they know.
Let’s be totally upfront here. This isn’t the only PDF rebranding tool on the market and there’s a lot of confusion around what is important in a tool like this. So here are the key criteria that any solution must have:
  • Must be able to create an unlimited amount of rebrandable reports.
  • Must be able to rebrand multiple links. So if your report points to two or three of your products your affiliates can brand it to get paid on all three.
  • Rebrand from PDF to PDF. No one wants to have to convert their document to HTML, XML or some other bizarre format just so they can offer a brandable version.
  • Allow ALL your affiliates to rebrand your reports. Our system does not use an EXE file that can only run on Windows, nor does it use a cross platform program that still won’t work on Linux or Android.
  • Let you integrate the rebrander into ANY web site. From HTML to WordPress, from Joomla to Blogger. You can integrate your brander onto any type of site with our system.
  • Perform the rebranding on the fly from ANY web browser saving your affiliates the time and hassle of having to download a special tool.
  • Must be fast to set up. Nothing is quicker than our system. There’s nothing to download and configure! Just login and start using it!
  • No dependency on PHP, Perl, MySQL or any of that other techie stuff!
Viral PDF Brander does it all!

And you don’t even need your own web site or hosting to use Viral PDF Brander!

If you build sales pages on JVZoo or Zaxaa’s instant sales page system or you make your sites on blogging platforms like or you can still use our system! Simply pop the rebrander form on the affiliate information page and you’re done!

Your brandable PDF’s are stored securely on our fast and reliable servers in a Texas Datacenter with 99.9% guaranteed uptime and are monitored by a team of professional technicians 24/7.

How it works
It is super-easy and super-quick

Here’s all you have to do…
  • Login to your Viral PDF Brander account
  • Upload your PDF and tell it which links to make brandable (so easy an eight year old could do it)
  • Hit a button and get given a form that you can either send people straight to, or embed it onto any web page or site that you control.
  • Send people to that form.
  • It really is that simple.
  • And the actual rebranding process is super easy too. Below is a demo you can try for yourself!
Try it for yourself…
The following example is of a PDFguide ‘How to Build a 6 Figure Voucher App Business’ promoting VoucherStudio. Using Viral PDF Brander, product owner Adam Jackson has enabled his affiliates to insert their affiliate links and earn $123.50 on EVERY sale!
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This is a MUST-HAVE tool for ANY internet marketer!
In just a few minutes from now you could be using this lethally powerful viral method of marketing. And all without uploading scripts or messing with tricky configuration. Heck, you don’t even need to put special tags in your document!

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