WEB 3.0 listbuilding – Push Notifications WITHOUT apps AND FREE sending SMS

Categories: knowledgebase, Online Marketing, WEB 3.0 Tips | Posted on Jan 4, 2018

Push Notifications – messages that ping on a user’s smartphone – are ‘pushed’ through native mobile apps (apps published in the App Store or GooglePlay).

The key benefit of Push Notifications is that a business owner can send instant, media-rich, messages to app users’ at any time. This is a huge marketing advantage as Push Notifications have around 98=99% open rate within 10 minutes of the message being sent. It should be noted that app users are always asked if they want to receive Push Notifications after installing an app and they can turn off notifications at any time. So, business owners looking to send Push Notifications need to incentivise their customers NOT to turn Push Notifications off.

Many small businesses may find it a challenge to get customers to download their app simply because native apps take up space on users’ phones and we are seeing mobile phone users being much more aware of the space used on their phones. Essentially, any business that wants to have a mobile app really needs to incentivise their customers both to download the app (e.g. by offering app exclusive discount coupons) and receive Push Notifications (e.g. by offering ongoing special offers).

However, there are ways through which as an app developer, you can offer the benefits of Push Notifications through progressive mobile web apps. This can be achieved by piggy-backing off social media apps that most users already have on their phones – Facebook, Twitter etc. The best platform to use in Twitter and you just need to create and insert follow buttons onto a web page in your progressive mobile web app.

If you’re not sure how to use social media platforms to send Push Notifications or would like to learn simple, effective strategies to use these tactics for local business owners, we’d recommend the WEB 3.0 List Builder & SMS-FREE List Builder Guides.

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