WEB 3.0 White Label Offer

For Andy Brocklehurst’s List Only
Exclusive WEB 3.0 White Label
This Software Made Over $15,000 in Sales In Less Than One Week!
Now It Can Be Yours!
You Can Have Your Own Branded WEB 3.0 Site Builder – To Sell or Licence AND You Keep 100% Of The Profits!

Rebrand WEB 3.0 Site Builder!
Sell Access & Keep 100% Of The Profits
Easy Set Up Takes Less Than A Minute!
Web-Based – Installs On Your Site with a Snippet of Code!
Your Customers Can Access Using any Modern Web Browser
This week only Get Resell and Rebranding rights to WEB 3.0 Site Builder !
With this offer, you will be able to sell your OWN brand of WEB 3.0 Site Builder Software from your web site and keep 100% of the profits!

Best of all – this is Web-Based software.
There is nothing for you to download. You just paste a snippet of code into your web page and that’s it! You can have it installed on your web site in less than a minute!

Your clients and customers will not need to download software because it is all web-based, accessed from YOUR web site.
They can access the software from your web site using any internet device.
A Complete Ready-Made Evergreen Business!
This is a complete done-for-you ready-made EVERGREEN business and is offered exclusively to WEB 3.0 Site Builder customers!

Set Your Own Price!
When you rebrand the WEB 3.0 Siet Builder site builder, it becomes YOUR product which means you can set your own retail price AND keep 100% of EVERY Sale! You can charge access Per Site built, One-Off Payment to build UNLIMITED sites or Recurring Payments! It’s up to you!
Your Own Branded WEB 3.0 Site Builder Builds Stunning WEB 3.0 Sites Just like…
WEB 3.0 Site Builder builds dynamic web sites just like the big named sites. The software is incredibly easy to use. Customers just fill in the blanks and out pops their site. They can even upload it directly to their server!





WEB 3.0 Sites

Choose Annual or Lifetime Licence
Choose The Licence That Suits You! Please note that this is an EXCLUSIVE Limited Offer. It will close when all available licences have been sold. If the BUY NOW button is gone, it means the offer is no longer available.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Why WEB 3.0 White Label?

Numerous customers have asked for resell rights. We decided to go one better and give rebranding rights too. That way, you’re selling your own product and promoting your own business.

What’s the catch? It seems very cheap for White Label!

There are no catches! Yes, White Label rights usually cost a LOT more than the amount being offered. But this is an exclusive promotion to our customers and subscribers to help them with their own online business.

How Do I Install the Software?

You will receive a snippet of code and all you do is put that code on a page on your web site. Your clietns/customers will then be able to access the software on that page.

How Do I Rebrand the Software?

It’s too easy! You just put a heading/image on the page where you installed the software!

How Will I Charge My Customers?

To charge your customers, you just need to create a payment button which you’d put on a sales page on your web site. You can do this easily with a Paypal button making the page the software is installed on as the ‘thank you’ page. Or, if you’re using a WordPress site, you can use a membership plugin which will enable you to restrict access to the software page to members.

Can I use this on WordPress web sites?

Absolutely! We give you a special WordPress plugin to install and then you’ll place a snippet of shortcode on the software page. It takes less than two minutes to do from start to finish.

Are there any upsells or one-time offers?

Yes! We have additional offers that are NOT essential but they do complement the WEB 3.0 Site Builder and enable you to make even more money. These include:
1. Resell rights to Niche Image sets which are royalty-free images for different businesses that are sized specifically for the WEB 3.0 sites.
2. White Label Rights to WEB 3.0 Video Software
3. Resell rights to Motion video backgrounds to use with your WEB 3.0 Video software.

Does the price include updates?

Yes! We are currently working on an update for the software to include multiple questions/fields on one page rather than have one question/field per page. This will make the software even easier (and quicker) for your customers to use.
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