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Categories: Online Marketing, Special Offers | Posted on Jan 29, 2017

Creating videos is one thing, but what about playing them? Sure, you can stick them on Youtube or Vimeo, but no serious online marketers embed Youtube videos. Business owners want their videos to have their own branding rather than showing Youtube. But the main reason online marketers use video players is that:
a. with the right video player, you can really impress clients
b. you can monetise videos far more with a video player and
c. you can build lists and much, much more.

With a video player, you can even turn other people’s videos into your own personal profit machines.
But which video players do I use in my businesses? And which should you be using?

I use TWO video players:

SlickPlayer for client work and SnakePlayer for Internet/Affiliate Marketing.
This video explains the difference. For more details please check out the links below the video.

The SlickPlayer

The first videoplayer I bought was SlickPlayer. This is a very cool video player and lives up to its name. It is actually EXACTLY the same as VooPlayer (which was the top selling video player for online marketers when it launched). I really liked SlickPlayers option for a pulsating button – looks great – but there are loads of features like competitions and split-testing, plus of course, analytics. It is super easy to use too.

VooPlayer was – still is – very expensive so I was really pleased to find SlickPlayer. It is exactly the same and much, much less expensive AND… I have some good news for you… I spoke to the owner, David Taylor (who is a great guy) and he has agreed to give an EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT – only to my subscribers – $200 OFF a Lifetime License!

VooPlayer customers pay the same amount per year as you’ll be paying for a LIFETIME LICENSE!

Just make sure to use the following coupon code: ADAM200

You can check out SlickPlayer here >>> CLICK HERE

The Snakeplayer

The other video player I use is awesome too. I use it for internet marketing. Whilst it doesn’t have the pulsating button or competitions, it DOES have a load of amazing features for online marketers. One feature that blew me away and really sold it for me was that you can trim videos by settings time points for the video to start and end. So, you can legally take an existing video on Youtube or Vimeo – or anywhere – and remove the opening and end sections, or just show a specific period of the video,

AND…imagine this…

You can add your own branding, embed optin forms, insert buy now links at specific points in the video and …well, there’s so much in terms of marketing that you’ll be drooling over your keyboard… this really is a marketers dream!

Again, I have managed to get you an EXCLUSIVE blinding deal on SnakePlayer for this weekend.

Just quote ADAMSNAKE to get $20 off the lifetime license here >>> CLICK HERE

As I said, I use both and, at these prices, if you market anything online, you should too.

Video is key for ANY online business and these video players are simply MUST-HAVE tools.

SlickPlayer – visit: http://web3sitebuilder.com/slickplayer.html
Use coupon code ADAM200 to get a $200 discount off the Lifetime License TODAY!
Note: If this offer is not available, it means the offer has closed. Sorry – there are only limited licenses.

SnakePlayer – visit: SnakePlayer.com
Use coupon code ADAMSNAKE to get a $20 Discount off the lifetime license.
Checkout the tutorial videos at: http://snakeplayer.com/tutorials-page/
Note: If this offer is not available, it means the offer has closed. Sorry – there are only limited licenses.

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